Jordan and Cora were married on March 8, 1908 St. Clair, Alabama.  At the time Jordan Benjamin was 53 and Cora Nelson was only 15. Wow a 38-year differences!!!!


Jordan Benjamin was from Georgia and Cora Nelson was from Alabama. They had their first child in 1910, then they had children in 1911, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1920, and in 1922. 


The children were Minnie, Frank, Claude, Nathaniel, Robert, Chester, Porter and Annie Pearl.  At the tender age of 30 Cora passed away. One year later Jordan Benjamin passed away on May 8, 1925.


The story continues with each of us the descendants of Jordan and Cora Benjamin.  There are five (5) generations of descendants who are members of the armed forces, dentist, doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, ministers and educators.  We have endured slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and poverty to continue to thrive and grow into another generation. 


Today we have a generation of millennials that are not fighting the ills of our forefathers, but fighting for "black lives that matter", colorism, equal education, environmental injustice, affordable health and other humanitarian issues.

Each generation continues to grow wiser and stronger for the future battles "for our roots run deep and strong".