Dear Family,


I would like to welcome you to the Benjamin Family website. I would also like to introduce myself, Steven Smith, as the current President for the year 2021 Benjamin Family Reunion. I am a twice great grand child of Jordan and Cora Benjamin and a great grandchild of Minnie Benjamin Taylor.


A person wearing a suit and tieDescription automatically generatedWe, the Minnie Benjamin Taylor descendants, have been tasked with organizing the year 2021 Benjamin Family Union. As we embark on this journey of planning and preparing for this family reunion, we ask that you, the family, be patient with us and willing to make 2021 a success. The committee is currently in the planning process and we will update the site as the reunion plans are finalized.


Remember to save this site as a favorite and stay connected because it’s all about the family!


May God bless us all,



Steven Smith


2021Benjamin Family Reunion

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